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Guardsman Safety Solutions, a leading UK provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safeguards your employees in today's demanding work environments. Our heritage combines the expertise of Guardsman and National Safety Supplies, backed by Bunzl PLC's vast resources. We offer a comprehensive range of top-quality PPE, empowering your team to work confidently and efficiently while prioritising their well-being.

For Utilities, Waste and Recycling sectors, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safeguards employees from daily hazards like slips, chemical exposure and loud noises. Investing in quality and correct PPE mitigates workplace risks, promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

Every day we depend on natural gas, hydro, wind, solar and coal plants to convert resources into the energy and power that we depend on. Workers who work within this industry often operate within unique work hazards, including confined spaces, working at heights and underground work. We can help to protect against these hazards, minimise workplace injuries and help prevent long-term health risks to enhance employee wellbeing by providing PPE tailored to the individual.

For the Waste and Water sectors, the specific risks to staff and facilities in each stage of the water recovery and treatment process, whether it's employee cleaning and treating fresh water and sewage or the maintenance of the sewage system itself, could be exposed to a range of hazards. Working on water or sewage channels requires a range of specific personal protective equipment that is available from Guardsman Safety Solutions to protect against liquid splashes or needlestick injuries, as well as the risk of dermatitis or musculoskeletal disorders related to the work undertaken.

Specialists within the Utilities sectors, Guardsman Safety Solutions offers a comprehensive PPE solution for all businesses, curated from years of experience working with National UK companies at the forefront of innovation within the industry. With extensive industry experience and a diverse product portfolio, we ensure your workforce is well-equipped and protected. Our commitment to quality and value-added services makes us the ideal partner for all your safety needs.

  • Head Protection: Protecting your head from falling objects and bumps with our wide range of helmets and bump caps.

  • Eye and Face Protection: Safety glasses and goggles can prevent injury from flying debris, chemical-based products, and splashes. As well as prescription safety eyewear, we supply innovative products that put the employees' safety and well-being first.

  • Hearing Protection: Earplugs and earmuffs block out harmful noise levels naturally a bioproduct of most waste management machinery or compactors.

  • Respiratory Protection: Respirators filter out hazardous airborne particles and fumes.

  • Hand Protection: Gloves safeguard hands from cuts, abrasions, needlestick injuries, and chemical exposure.

  • Safety Footwear: Safety boots, trainers, wellingtons and riggers are some of the products we have available, and these can prevent the risk of injury and provide slip resistance, and full foot protection we also have a specialist foot clinic to help preserve and maintain the health of the foot as workers carry out their tasks for up to 8 hours a day.

  • Gas Detection: Working within the Utilities, Waste and Recycling industries could expose your staff to the risk of gasses and fumes being vented into the air, some fumes can go unnoticed which is a huge risk to workers. This is where our gas detection products and site surveys come in as we work with you to keep the working environment safe and help you detect leaks.

  • Hi-Visibility Clothing and Workwear: Visibility is key in a busy manufacturing plant where machinery is being used all around you. We also can brand your garments to help staff identify key staff members like Fire Wardens, First Aid trained members of staff or Trainees.

  • Heat, Flame and Arc Protection: Groundwork, welding and engineering tasks require PPE the wearer can rely on to protect them against potentially life-threatening hazards. You can order all your Arc Flash, Flame Retardant and Heat Resistant products from head to toe at Guardsman Safety Solutions.

  • Height Protection: Working from a height requires a great amount of skill and it also has its risks of falling from great heights which can be fatal. We have an extensive range of working from height products from Harnesses through to lanyards and carabiners. As well as rescue products designed for those working in confined spaces.

The PPE your employees wear could be the difference between being injured or protected in hazardous environments on the job. We treat every product we supply with a level of responsibility your staff deserve. We go to great lengths to ensure all products have been tested to the highest standards to keep your staff safe and your company compliant. We are also registered to ISO 9001:2000 ensuring our quality standards exceed expectations.

At Guardsman Safety Solutions, we prioritise responsible sourcing and environmental impact alongside premium safety solutions. Committed to ethical and sustainable practices, we partner with like-minded manufacturers to bring you the best products on the market. We have taken things a step further and introduced a Sustainable Product Award classification system, this empowers you to make informed choices aligned with your sustainability goals.

We understand that our success hinges on the talent, experience, and diversity of our workforce. By encouraging a work environment that values and empowers our employees, we've created a team that's proactive in driving positive business outcomes. Our commitment to employee investment is reflected in the exceptional service we provide our customers. As your trusted safety partner, we're dedicated to continued growth and innovation to ensure your continued satisfaction.