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The Detail

We are a newly formed business from the merging of two existing businesses named Guardsman and National Safety Supplies (NSS), both being some of the most respected and successful distributors of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the UK.

NSS, in 2001 and Guardsman in 2014 were bought by Bunzl, a prominent FTSE 100 company with a global turnover exceeding £11 billion (in 2023). This brought a huge boost to the resources and product ranges available to us and our customers. This opportunity also gave us the ability to grow, develop and have the ability to service large-scale blue-clip clients with confidence.

Located in the heart of the West Midlands with a spacious 75,000ft2 National Distribution Centre, we are perfectly positioned to serve businesses across the entire country.

We are proud of our joint history and the amount of experience we have access to, both across our internal and external staff networks. This has always been a core strength of ours and one of the main reasons why we have enjoyed year-on-year success.

Our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do as we continue to move forward and develop new ways to ensure you remain compliant and help to keep your staff safe each and every day.

Value-added Services

To compliment our extensive product range, Guardsman Safety Solutions also offers a complete value-added service package to fulfil the service offering including:

  • Bespoke stock holding agreements
  • Consignment stock facilities
  • Site surveys
  • Prescription eyewear
  • Footcare clinics
  • Face fit testing
  • Noise surveys
  • Assistance with product rationalisation and consolidation
  • Bespoke customer catalogues
  • Bespoke online ordering facilities
  • Electronic consolidated invoicing options
  • PPE recycling schemes
  • And much more!

In-house Branding Services

At Guardsman Safety Solutions we pride ourselves in providing a wide range of branding services in-house, underpinned by the use of advanced technologies on high-quality workwear and leisurewear.

  • Helping you protect and enhance your corporate image
  • Complete package of branding solutions available
  • One of a few suppliers to have both stock of products and own embroidery and heat seal equipment
  • Efficient order turnaround
  • 40,000 pieces per month
  • Added values services: Person Pack and Cad Cut.

Keeping you safe, Sustainably

In an ever-changing market, the question of how sustainability is weaved into our day-to-day business operations is here to stay. We have made great strides towards ensuring we align ourselves with like-minded customers, suppliers and partners to ensure we are staying compliant and running our business responsibly. We have a growing dedicated sustainability team and we have also introduced a product classification system to give you the transparency you need.

A full head-to-toe recycling service offers the collection, processing and re-purposing of your used PPE. The all-in-one process requires no segregation of different products, and once the bags/bins are full, they will be collected and processed by the service provider. Our preferred provider will give you used PPE a new lease of life - paired serviceable footwear is sent to charities for continued use, used textiles are shredded to 15mm and used in the automotive industry as insulation, with a small percentage sent for SRF.

We can support our customers in finding a footwear-specific recycling service that will reuse your old shoes. The service breaks down the shoe into its base materials, repurposing them into other products. The foam from your shoes could become a yoga mat, the rubber could become a new outersole, and the textiles could become new shoe laces.

This service provides a specific recycling process for used hard hats. Once received, hard hats are shredded into 10mm flakes and separated into different polymer elements. The flakes are processed further to become new plastic pellets to be used in the manufacturing industry.