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Regardless of today's dynamic and ever-changing Government and Public Sector working environments, employee safety will always remain paramount. Guardsman Safety Solutions, a trusted leader in PPE, leverages the expertise of two of the UK's most respected PPE distribution companies, Guardsman and National Safety Supplies. Backed by Bunzl PLC's vast resources, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality PPE to keep your workforce protected, confident, and compliant. This is all underpinned by a whole suite of value-added services we have available to help you reach your safety goals.

PPE can be the difference between a successful working environment in contrast to one that suffers consistent absenteeism due to injury or illness, this can take its toll on productivity and could be a cause for financial loss. Risks could come in many forms such as slips, trips, falls, and chemical exposure through to loud noises affecting hearing. Whatever the risk, we have you covered.

Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare, social care and public sector workers is vital to keep our key workers safe when working directly with the population. Specialists in safety supplies and protective equipment, Guardsman Safety Solutions are a registered safety supplier with the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) so you can be confident that all products we provide adhere to the strict relevant guidelines.

For specific workplaces within the Government sector which require corporate clothing such as State Offices, Courts, Prisons, Security and local government offices, we provide a large range of suits, shirts, blouses and corporate workwear which can be branded with your company logo for quick identification. You can also order specific products such as stab vests, respiratory protection and slip-resistant footwear from our experienced staff or your designated online catalogue.

Guardsman Safety Solutions can offer a wide range of consumable products required in all workplaces including the education sector, public sector and healthcare, including First Aid kits, signage, paper products such as blue roll, paper towels and dispensers, janitorial equipment and cleaning products such as washroom cleaning, floor care, industrial wipes and graffiti remover.

With such a vast range of job roles under this large umbrella of the Government and Public sector, our experienced staff members are here to guide you to a safer working environment for your staff and will work with you to reach full compliance in any environment.

  • Eye and Face Protection: Safety glasses and goggles can prevent injury from debris, chemical-based products, splashes and bodily fluids in clinical environments.

  • Hearing Protection: Earplugs and earmuffs block out harmful noise levels.

  • Hand Protection: Respirators filter out hazardous airborne particles and fumes.

  • Safety Footwear: Safety boots, trainers, wellingtons and riggers are some of the products we have available, and these can prevent the risk of injury and provide slip resistance, full foot protection, and we also have a specialist footwear range that protects from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). We also provide a range to suit most clinic environments such as single-use shoe covers and other safety slip-on shoes.

  • Hi-Visibility Clothing and Workwear: We have a large range of products from hi-visibility clothing and workwear, to single-use coveralls suited to most clinical environments. Workwear and corporate clothing for all users including female fit, maternity wear, modesty products and all accessories We provide branding on-site to decorate garments with your logos.

  • Janitorial and Consumables: Janitorial equipment and cleaning products to keep your workplace clean and hygienically safe. Including spill control products and signage.

Guardsman Safety Solutions is committed to providing quality products that have been tested to the highest standards. We work closely with our suppliers, whom are some of the more recognisable brands in the world to deliver safety solutions that keep your staff safe, and your company compliant.

We go beyond exceptional PPE solutions. Guardsman Safety Solutions understands the importance of sustainability and supply chain compliance. We strive to operate responsibly and partner with suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We have also introduced our very own Sustainable Product Award classification system to help you understand the sustainable credentials of a product. This will give you confidence that you are purchasing sustainably, and we are proud to operate with this level of transparency with all our customers. We also provide a laundry and recycling service to support Government contracts that require end-of-life processes for all products used.

At Guardsman Safety Solutions, we understand a company's greatest asset is its people. We've built a talented, diverse team with a wealth of experience. We encourage a culture where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their ideas. This investment in our staff directly translates into exceptional customer service - today as your future safety partner.