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We at Guardsman Safety Solutions have attracted some of the best talent in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry to really level up our experience in delivering the best customer experience to all companies within the Facilities Management industry.

With the backing of Bunzl, a globally recognised PLC FTSE 100 company, we have the resources and experience to deliver the best service from the start and throughout your journey with us.

PPE and workwear are essential for the facilities management sector, wearing a professional uniform and critical personal protective equipment such as gloves will prioritise a workplace of positive well-being for your employees. In Facilities management, risks can come in many forms, from trips and slips on wet surfaces, to contact with cleaning chemicals, or working with the public where identification and visibility are paramount.

A professional image is essential within FM organisations, we provide branding on workwear and corporate wear products, produced in-house. Our bespoke branding options can provide you with products specifically chosen and decorated for the individual and their role within your business.

PPE that fits well and is comfortable to wear encourages correct and continuous use, we therefore work with you to make sure that all users have suitable products fit for purpose. An essential component for workplace safety, PPE, is required in most job roles within the FM sector including building maintenance, cleaning of the facilities, crowd management, Security, and many other functions within the public sector.

FM businesses can manage a broad range of contracts that cover an even broader range of job roles, Guardsman Safety Solutions is your partner to provide solutions to suit your every need.

When it comes to PPE, prioritise your staff's safety. Guardsman Safety Solutions offers a wealth of experience, extensive resources, and valuable additional resources - we'll be your trusted partner in workplace safety.

  • Eye Protection: Safety glasses and goggles can prevent injury from dust irritation, chemical-based cleaning products, and splashes. We can provide different lenses to accommodate working between different lighting conditions, and a series of lens options including lenses to reduce blue light for DSE workers.

  • Hearing Protection: Earplugs and earmuffs block out harmful noise levels from cleaning equipment, and event crowds.

  • Respiratory Protection: Respirators filter out hazardous airborne particles and fumes, for those working in public conscious of infection control.

  • Hand Protection: Gloves safeguard hands from cuts, abrasions and chemicals. We provide disposable gloves for use in cleaning facilities, and thermal gloves for outdoor workers.

  • Safety Footwear: Safety boots, trainers, wellingtons and riggers are some of the products we have available, and these can prevent risk of injury and provide slip resistance, foot protection, and electrical hazard protection (ESD). We also provide overshoes, grippers and non-safety footwear for specialist roles that require added protection but not complete safety due to the low-risk environment. A large range of insoles are also available to suit every arch type and individual wearer. Our in-house footcare services will work with you to ensure you are getting footwear that not only protects your feet but maintains the overall health in the long-term.

  • Hi-Visibility Clothing and Workwear: Enhance worker visibility in low-light conditions with hi-vis clothing, reducing the risk of accidents, and providing instant identification for designated individuals. For front-of-house workers and the retail industry, we provide a broad range of uniforms, including suits, workwear, shirts, blouses and weatherwear. Our range encompasses a full range of options including female fit, modesty wear and maternity wear.

  • Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies: We offer a wide range of products from cleaning solutions for surfaces through to vacuum cleaners, paper products and signage.

  • Washroom and Skincare: To prevent the possible spread of illnesses due to poor hygiene in washrooms is critical. Our washroom and skincare ranges will help alleviate this issue, covering all requirements such as toilet tissue, skin protection, urinal blocks, air fresheners and disinfectants.

We pride ourselves on working with some of the most prestigious brands in the world to source the best quality products that have been tested to the highest standards and ensuring we are supplying products to not only keep your staff safe but also to keep you compliant.

Guardsman Safety Solutions understands the importance of sustainability and supply chain compliance. We strive to operate responsibly and partner with suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. To add another layer of transparency for our customers, we have recently introduced our very own Sustainable Product Award classification system to give you an insight into a product's sustainability credentials.

We believe that the strength of any company is from its people. Here at Guardsman Safety Solutions, we are proud to have made great strides to attract a talented, experienced and diverse team. We take great pride in creating a working environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to evaluate and implement initiatives to drive the business forward. Our efforts to support and invest in our staff are showing through the service we provide our customers and will continue to do so moving forward as we become your partner in safety.