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In today's fast-paced work environment, keeping your staff safe is an absolute priority. That's where Guardsman Safety Solutions comes in. We're a leading provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) built on the experience and resources of two of the UK's most respected PPE distributors, Guardsman and National Safety Supplies. As part of the Bunzl PLC family, we offer a vast selection of high-quality PPE to keep your team protected, operating efficiently and able to carry out their duties in confidence.

PPE is one of the most crucial barriers between your employees and the hazards they face each day. In the automotive and manufacturing industry, these risks can come in many forms, from trips, slips on wet surfaces, exposure to chemicals and loud noises, and handling oily parts and sheet metals.

Whether you work for an automotive producer, in component parts within the industry supply chain, within a paint shop or in assembly and maintenance you will require specific PPE to ensure day-to-day safety. This could include powered air systems, Kevlar hand and arm protection, FR coveralls or precision gloves and safety eyewear. Guardsman Safety Solutions will provide you with the expertise and innovation to protect your employees in every situation.

When working in the manufacturing industry you may come across specific tasks that require specialised PPE such as working with touchscreens that require touchscreen-enabled gloves, overshoes for clean room environments, and disposable masks for inspections, you can find all of this and more in our online catalogue or by contacting us directly.

By trusting in Guardsman Safety Solutions for your PPE needs is something you can do with confidence knowing you're in safe hands. Our pooled resources, experience in the field and near-endless list of value-added services will provide a well-rounded experience as we become your partner in safety.

  • Head Protection: Protecting your head from falling objects and bumps with our wide range of helmets and bump caps.

  • Eye and Face Protection: Safety glasses and goggles can prevent injury from flying debris, chemical-based products, and spray paint splashes.

  • Hearing Protection: Earplugs and earmuffs block out harmful noise levels naturally a byproduct of most manufacturing processes. We also provide communication sets from well-known brands like 3M Peltor.

  • Respiratory Protection: Respirators filter out hazardous airborne particles and fumes from paint sprayers and material treatments. You have the options of disposable masks, reusable masks or powered air units.

  • Hand Protection: Gloves safeguard hands from cuts, abrasions and chemical exposure, impact resistance and needlestick hazards. Lightweight, flexible gloves designed for optimum dexterity are ideal for assembly jobs. Fully coated water and chemical-resistant gloves are ideal for work in oily environments where grip and cut protection are important.

  • Safety Footwear: Safety boots, trainers, wellingtons and riggers are some of the products we have available, and these can prevent risk of injury and provide slip resistance, full foot protection dependent on the product and suited task, and we also have a specialist footwear range which we recommend for the most challenging of tasks.

  • High-Visibility Clothing and Workwear: Visibility is key in a busy manufacturing plant where machinery is being used all around you. We also can brand your garments to help staff identify key staff members like Fire Wardens or First Aider. Chemical-resistant clothing and disposable coveralls will also be essential to protecting workwear, the wearer and the manufacturing process.

We have developed a very strong relationship with our suppliers over the many years in trading, the majority of which are some of the most recognised brands in the world. We know they invest to ensure compliance, and this translates through to how we select what products we want to offer our customers. We believe in transparency and finding safety solutions that have been tested to the highest standard to keep you compliant.

At Guardsman Safety Solutions we go to great lengths to ensure we move towards a more sustainable future across all levels of the business. To add to this vision, we place the highest importance on supply chain compliance. In an age of "Green Washing" we can't underestimate the importance of where our products come from. For peace of mind and complete transparency, we have introduced our very own Sustainable Product Award classification system to help you understand the credentials of a product before you buy.

At Guardsman Safety Solutions, our success hinges on our talented team. We encourage a culture of empowerment and inclusivity, where everyone feels valued and contributes to driving results. Our investment in our people translates into exceptional customer service, making us your trusted partner for all safety needs.